Goo•ga•by |goōˈ gə bē| Catchy name - serious application.

- iTunes style browser -
drag selected records directly into spreadsheets or text files.
      both browser and data are fully customizable

- Information on every city and zip code in the United States
      includes OMB’s metro areas (both CSA and CBSA)
      address validation and lookup

Facebook & LinkedIn integration

Unprecedented group and filtering operations
      union or intersection all Groups, Smart Groups, and over 35 built-in filters
      invalid zip codes, email addresses, phone number, and much more
            e.g. find all the 25-35 year old males in Austin with 3 clicks

Edit multiple contacts
      Find & Replace
      Add common Note to multiple contacts
      Switch data between any two fields (multiple contacts at once)

      Built-in tools to repair bad/damaged data (ever had a synch or an import go wonky?)
      e.g. remove duplicated phone numbers, emails, postal addresses

- Built-in email-merge with Mail and print-merge with Apple’s Pages application

Googaby is
compatible with both Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6+) and Lion (Mac OS X 10.7)

Googaby is available NOW exclusively in Apple’s Mac App Store!


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